Natural Retail Products is a blog dedicated to healthy living by purchasing organic and natural retail products.  I will provide introductions and reviews of the most affordable and easily found organic, non-toxic, chemical-free and natural retail products.  Ranging from food, skincare, haircare, cleaning products, building materials, clothes, clean wines and coffees, recipes, juicing, smoothies, and anything else I find amazing.  



I’m a woman obsessed with traveling and was healthy most of my life.  At 35, when I started scheduling my vacations around my periods and never wearing white, I knew I finally had to do something about my female issues. 

 In my 30’s, I was diagnosed with PCOS twice and undiagnosed twice, all by different doctors.  I’ve heard a lot of “I don’t know” and “that seems normal” from other doctors. None of it was normal and I was tired of my periods controlling my life.  At 36, I was finally approved for a surgery that wasn’t going to fix the problem, just the symptoms, for a few years, and decided against it.  This started my research on natural ways to fix my hormones, periods, and get my normal life back.  Now I’m obsessed with feeling better but I’m still pretty lazy and busy.  I live on the road 75% of the time in not-so-nice hotels in tiny towns.  I need to be able to find and order my favorite products anywhere I’m at. 


Want to be healthier
but too lazy to make your own products?

Yeah……Me Too!

I want to be healthy but I also want live a normal life. I don’t have time to make my own shampoo or laundry soap, and really don’t want to either. I’m a little lazy. So, I had a choice, keep buying crap in the stores or find a different store with different and natural retail products.

I’ve found a ton of amazing products sold online to replace all of the chemicals in the house, from skincare, haircare, cleaning products, paper alternatives, clean wine, and so much more. The products available seem endless.

I’d like to share products I’ve found available in the growing Organic and Natural Markets. Join me on my journey and maybe I can help a little on your journey too. Maybe make you laugh a lttle along the way.

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Thank you for stopping by my little blog.  I’m not an expert, in anything actually, more less health.  I’m just a woman tired of being tired and needed a change.  I knew I couldn’t be the only one searching for greener, cleaner, more natural products.  I’m sharing my thoughts on opinions of a variety of products.


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