Bucket List Ideas: 10 Things Do For Thanksgiving

Bucket List- Before I die Chalkboard
Bucket List- Before I die Chalkboard

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Yes, you still have time to do a few things on your bucket list before Thanksgiving. Bucket list items are usually “before you die” items.  Most of us have no idea when our last day will come so why not start now?   Here are a few ideas to add and knock off your bucket list this year.   These can be accomplished without having to go far, spend a ton of money, made from natural and organic products.  It doesn’t always take a lot of time or effort to knock off a few Bucket List items.   


  • Host Friendsgiving.  I’m sure there are a few neighbors, friends, or co-workers without plans.  It’s the perfect way to show off your new healthier recipes and culinary skills.
  • Be a hero. Save a life. Adopt a pet, Donate Blood, Sign up to be a Bone Marrow Donor, or agree to be an organ donor.  Donate to someone who speaks to you personally.   Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.
  • Volunteer. It’s always a good idea and never a bad time.  Thanksgiving Day is the busiest volunteer day of the year serving food.  There are other options, visit the local animal shelters, local nursing homes, or clean up a park or beach.
  • Get a Tattoo. This can be done in almost any city at any time of the day.  You’ll just need some time and bravery.  If a permanent tattoo is too much of a commitment, get a henna or temporary tattoo.
  • Paint a Masterpiece. YouTube “happy Trees” for step-by-step instructions by one of my favorite childhood TV shows. Paint-by-numbers provide all the needed paints and brushes making for an easy option.  There are a ton of options online.
  • Learn to cook your favorite recipes. With the mass of Youtube videos, it’s possible to watch step-by-step instructions for almost anything, recipes being some of the most popular videos available.  Last year I learned how to make macaroons, not the healthiest choice but one of my favorite desserts.
  • Watch a Movie Marathon- Watch the entire series of the Godfather, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Casablanca with all the classic black and white movies, all of the Hallmark Christmas movies, or some of the new food and health documentaries.  Most importantly, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner leftovers while relaxing from your couch.


  • Go Camping/Glamping. If the family isn’t your thing this year, get away from everyone and go camping.  There are tons of parks with cabins, RV spots, and tent camping spots available for the long weekend.  There are even Glamping options now available around the country, meaning you don’t need any of your own equipment or groceries.
  • Take a Road Trip. Forget the busy airports this year and take a road trip.  If it’s too late for this, try planning a trip for the spring with the family around the Thanksgiving table.  Maybe it will keep the topic off of politics.
  • Marry the Love of Your Life. Fly to Vegas and tie the knot today, why wait?  If you’re not with the “one” join an online dating service and start looking for that perfect person.

Knocking off a bucket list item can be easier than you ever imagined.

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