Benefits of a 20 Minute Detox Bath in Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt for a Detoxing bath
Epsom Salts for A Detoxing Bath

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There are numerous benefits to a 20-minute detox bath in Epsom salt. Are you making your health a new priority? It can be daunting, not this idea. What can be easier than laying in hot water? Taking twenty minutes to yourself once a week can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.  I mean, it can’t hurt to get away for 20 minutes in this crazy, stressful world. 

An Epsom Salt detox bath is easy, affordable, never have to leave the house, don’t have to buy special clothes, or see another soul, tip to a healthier you.    It has many benefits associated with its use for as little as 20 minutes a week.

Detox Bath Benefits

  • Prevents muscle soreness  
  • Relieves sore muscles
  • Reduces stress
  • Assist in detoxing the body
  • Improves sleep
  • Relieves headaches
  • Elevates moods
  • Reduces joint pain

Simply Pour Epsom Salt (1 to 2 handfuls) into a hot bath and ENJOY!  Yes, it’s that easy.

Add a little Baking Soda (less than ¼ cup or about a dry handful) and 10-20 drops of essential oils.  It’s like a bath bomb without all the prep needed. Simple is my favorite way!

Epsom Salt for a Detoxing Bath
Epsom Salt for a Detoxing Bath

What is Epsom Salt and how does it Detox

Epsom salt is the common name for magnesium sulfate.  It is a natural, chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Many people are currently deficient in magnesium, making this extremely beneficial to most people.  There is some debate if magnesium is absorbed through your skin or not.  But it will be hard to find someone to say a bath is bad for your health.  So I think this is a no brainer, it can’t hurt anything- take the bath and relax.

There are a ton of natural and organic options available on Amazon and at most major grocery stores. Making this one of the easier products to purchase. There are other articles stating Epsom salt has a ton of uses and benefits.  I personally have never used Epsom salt in my hair or to clean with, never thought about it actually.   I may have to try some of the other uses in the near future and I’ll update this then. For now, enjoy the Baths!


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