Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO- Explanation

Fresh Veggies from Garden
Fresh Veggies from Garden

Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO-What do they mean?  I’m not a health nut, doctor, nurse, or selling anything that deals with these terms daily.  I’m a woman trying to feel better! Starting with the products I’m buying, using, and eating.  We all know, wellness is not just eating healthy veggies and lean meats, it includes the products used cleaning the house and body.   This is a learning process and it’s not easy trying to make sense of the mass of information available now.  This is a brief explanation of the most common terms: Natural, Organic, Non-Toxic, Non-GMO.

What is a Natural Product?

A natural product is defined as a chemical compound or substance produced by a living organism. It also means there are no artificial ingredients added and most be found in nature.   Natural products require no specific growing conditions or methods of growing.  Natural products can be better for your health by eliminating synthetic materials. 

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What is an Organic Product?

An organic product is a product produced by organic agriculture practices.  For food products, the USA uses strict USDA guidelines. Which prohibits the use of most harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides with a more ecological aimed approach to production.  Many consider organic farming practices better for your health and the environment. Eliminating unnatural and potentially harmful chemicals and hormones are some of the main benefits of using organic products.   

Exceptions to the Rules

The USDA does not monitor the term “Organic or Natural” for Non-edible products.  Products such as skincare, haircare, deodorants, and toothpaste labels are labeled a little less clear.  Because of my research, I just learned my “natural” face wash is not, natural and actually makes the dirty list according to several other bloggers.  I’m now in the market for new face wash and lotion, not on the dirty list.

Crops growing in the field

What is Non-Toxic?

Not poisonous means non-toxic. Also, these are generally safe to eat and breathe.  Nontoxic substances don’t harm the environment either.  As a result, non-toxic products are unlikely to harm a person but don’t necessarily mean it is natural or organic. The term “Non-Toxic labeled used more with skincare, soaps, and toothpaste brands.  I’ve seen a lot more “Cruelty-Free” labels in these product lines as well. 

What is Non-GMO? (Genetically Modified Organism)

Food made without ingredients derived from genetically engineered organisms or did not occur naturally is considered to be non-GMO.  There is a lot of controversy about the importance of Non-GMO foods and long-term health effects. This is something I will have to do some more research on its importance or validity.  The link below is a great reference for learning more on this:

A little more Research

This journey to a healthier lifestyle started after watching several videos. These videos below made me start thinking about what I was eating, using, and buying and how it made me feel.  There are a ton of videos on Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and some available on if you’d like to learn more and not be overwhelmed.  Some of my favorites are: GMO OMG; Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead- I and II, Fasting, The Science of Fasting, Overfed and Undernourished

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