Tampons- Switch to 100% Natural Cotton, Chemical-Free Tampons

Yes, you can switch to natural tampons bc they are now as affordable as all other tampons

Veeda Tampons- 100% Natural Cotton, Chemical- Free Tampon
Veeda 100% Natural Cotton Tampon

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Tampons are a product we’ve all used and probably never questioned what’s really in them, mostly due to their necessary and convenience. Did you know, a woman’s vagina has one of the highest absorptions rates of any part of the body? Should we be questioning these little, one week a month, sticks carried by almost every woman?

Like most of us, I had never really thought about was in a tampon. Once I did, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and starting researching.  First, I learned the FDA doesn’t require the full list of ingredients to be disclosed nor does it test most tampons any reason. Because of this, I knew I needed to make a change to a more natural or organic tampon brand. Why are the manufacturing companies not telling us what’s in the products made to go in our most sensitive area? 


 There are tons of women with female issues. Could this be one of the reasons, chemicals, and perfumes in our tampons?   I’ve read hundreds of medical articles while researching my PCOS and not once was a better tampon mentioned in any. Why is no one talking about this?

I learned what could possibly be in the normal tampon including bleach, sawdust, and a wide array of toxic chemicals to make them look and smell pretty.  Ummm…I don’t need them to be pretty, thanks.

So as a result, I started my search for a healthier alternative and what I found was disappointing, all-natural or organic cotton tampons were .50 to $1.00 each. 

Oh…Please… No one has that much money to literally, be thrown away. 


This last summer, I found a line of 100% Natural Cotton, chemical-free Tampons for the same price as Tampax or any other ones found in stores.   These are much more comfortable to insert and wear. Since I started using these natural tampons my periods have improved greatly.   My flow doesn’t seem to be as heavy or for as many days. 

This was a true game-changer for me.  I recommend these to anyone, those having females and those not.  This seems like a no-brainer for any woman wanting a great, effective, and affordable alternative to traditional tampons on the market today.

 I can order a box of 90 on Amazon for less than $15.00.  They have several sizes available.   For this price, how can you not use them instead? The 90 pack for Super is $15.99, still very affordable for an all-natural option.

Finally, I found these Tamppons on a Pinterest post, so thank you to whoever originally posted about these. 

Because I’ve liked them so much I’ve recommended these tampons to several of my friends and am now telling the world.

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