Thanksgiving- 7 Healthy Side Dishes Anyone can Prepare

Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving Table

The holidays can be stressful for many of us, especially those expecting guests with eating restrictions. Are you looking for a healthy Thanksgiving side dish even you can prepare? This is a list of 7 fail-proof side dishes anyone can prepare.

I LOVE Thanksgiving Dinner!  It’s one of the meals I look forward to all year.  But it can be disappointing depending on who is bringing which side dishes.  Don’t be that disappointing person this year.  This is a list of unusual, delicious, and healthy side dishes anyone can prepare.  Most of these recipes aren’t difficult and don’t require any special equipment.  

My Favorite Healthy Side Dishes

Best Cabbage by Delish

Oh My Goodness is this delicious!  This may be my favorite website for healthier recipes right now.  This site has a recipe for everything but this one is my favorite so far.  I’ve only made a few so far but I can see myself spending a lot more time on this website.

Dinner Bowl by Chickpea Express

Of course, I’ll have to add a side of turkey but this recipe sounds delicious.  This bowl would go with almost any meal, vegan or not. This website lists all vegan ingredients so it’s super easy to purchase and prepare.

Wild Rice by Veggie Society

For this one, I’m not waiting to try this side dish.  This rice recipe sounds delicious any day, as a main dish or a delicious side item. Why don’t we use cranberries on holiday? This would be a great addition to any summer dish too. I can see it pairing well with a fresh fish or grilled chicken breast too.

Muffin Pan Maple Pecan Sweet Potato Gratins, Mable Dijon Roasted Carrots, and Melting Potatoes from Closet Cooking

I’m officially a fan now of this website.  These recipes are a little more in-depth to prepare but still not difficult and very much worth the effort. I’m very excited to try all of the potato recipes from here actually.

Finally, I do not own any of these recipes and I hope the writers do not mind me sharing their amazing recipes.

Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving Table

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